Head-On Collisions

Everyday there are numerous head-on car accidents which most commonly occur at intersections. Since these accidents often involve a great impact, they account for a higher percentage of fatalities than most other types of car accidents. Often times, an innocent driver is operating his or her car through an intersection with the intention of going straight, when an inattentive driver coming from the opposite direction negligently makes a left hand turn striking the car which had the right of way. Head-on accidents also occur because of a driver's inattentiveness, their failure to obey the rules of the road and stop at red lights, stop signs, yield signs, or due to the driver's intoxication. Freeway head-on collisions are particularly dangerous due to the high speed of the vehicles.

The high speed nature of these accidents often results in a high percentage of catastrophic and life-altering injures. Moreover, despite the fact that an innocent driver or passenger may be wearing a seat belt, the force of the impact from a head on collision is often so great that the seat belt simply does not offer sufficient protection. Further, there have been numerous reported incidents of air bags failing to deploy.

Indeed, although they account for only 2% of all accidents, head-on collisions cause approximately 10% of all car accident fatalities. Our firm has handled numerous case involving serious injuries as a result of a head-on collision. As an example of such a case, recently, we obtained $1.75 million dollars on behalf of a client who received serious orthopedic injuries and disfigurement from a head-on collision caused by a young man using his father's car. Since the liability of the operator was so clear, and our client's injuries were so severe, we were able to intimidate the responsible insurance carrier with the threat of an excess verdict which, if obtained, would render their insured personally liable for any excess verdict or judgment above the available insurance coverage. As part of our investigation, we made inquires into the assets of the defendants and discovered that they were significant, rendering them personally at risk of losing their assets if we obtained a judgment in an amount greater than their bodily injury coverage. This strategy was successful and we were able to resolve this case for the full insurance policy limits in a little more than one year.

Like any serious injury case, we retain the appropriate experts on liability and damages to maximize your recovery such as accident reconstructionists, engineers, economists, vocational experts and life care planners to prove liability and maximize our client's financial recovery.

If you have been seriously injured in a head-on collision, or lost a loved one to such an accident, please contact us.