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Car Accidents Archives

GM Announces Plan To Mass Produce Self-Driving Cars

This week at the Detroit Auto Show, General Motors announced its intention to roll out a new generation of driverless motor vehicles by 2019. These new self-driving cars, which lack steering wheels and pedals, will be deployed as ride-hailing vehicles in numerous cities throughout the United States. Whether or not GM's driverless cars will be able to hit the road in 2019 remains to be seen, as the company must successfully petition the federal government for exemptions from certain federal regulations which, as currently written, only apply to human-operated motor vehicles.

Distracted Driving Causing More Accidents

According to a recent study released by the University of Utah, driver's utilizing their car's built-in navigation system are more distracting than driver's who are texting. Driving while using other in-vehicle information systems such as MP3 players, radios, cellphones, and messaging devices, is equally as dangerous, the study found.

Charter Bus Accident Kills 3 In Queens, New York

On Monday, two buses collided in a major motor vehicle accident that killed three people and left many others injured. Video taken at the intersection of Main Street and Northern Boulevard in Flushing, Queens, shows a Dahlia Travel charter bus speeding through a red light at 58 miles an hour and crashing into the rear end of a New York City bus at around 6:15 a.m. 

Driving Tired As Dangerous As Driving Drunk

A new study released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, found that sleeping just a two hours less than usual can double an individual's risk of getting into a motor vehicle accident. Missing three hours quadruples that risk, and those who slept less than four hours had eleven times the risk of getting into a collision.

Pedestrian Accidents On The Rise As Man Killed in Queens

A 79-year old man was struck and killed by an SUV as he crossed the street in Queens this past Sunday Night. The pedestrian was crossing at Northern Boulevard and Prince Street in Flushing around 6:00p.m. when he was hit by a Ford Explorer driven by a 56-year old woman. The driver remained at the scene and will not be facing criminal charges. The man was taken to New York Hospital Queens in critical condition, where he later died from his injuries.

New York City Pedestrian Killed After Being Struck By Car

An elderly Upper East Side resident was struck and killed by an SUV on East 71st Street and Third Avenue in Manhattan this week. Lee Strong, 83, was beginning to cross at the southwest corner of the intersection when a reckless driver stopped his Chevrolet Traverse in the intersection and began reversing in order to get a parking spot. The driver struck her with the rear driver side of his vehicle, knocking her to the ground.

Cyclists' Deaths in NYC Rise in 2016

A bicyclist was killed during his routine morning ride last week in Queens, New York. Michael Schenkman was killed when he was struck by a young motorist while riding on Northern Boulevard in Queens at 6:30a.m. The particular area where Mr. Schenkman was killed is known as one of the most dangerous roadways for pedestrians and cyclists, and has been flagged by the city several times.

Pokémon Go App Causing Unexpected Accidents and Injuries

On Wednesday July 6th 2016, the much anticipated release of Pokémon Go finally came. The game allows players to "capture" Pokémon in real world situations. The game has taken the New York City area by storm. With already over 15 million downloads nationwide, the new app is overflowing with success. However this early success has resulted in some unexpected consequences. Although the loading screen of the game reads "Remember to be alert at all times. Stay aware of your surrounding," players across the country seem to be ignoring this warning leading to personal injuries in many different situations.

Self-Driving Car Fails, Killing Driver

Although the introduction of self-driving automobiles comes with the advantage of eliminating human error in operating a vehicle, it appears that these cars are not without flaws. On May 7th, the first self-driving car fatality occurred when a driver of a Tesla S sports car died in collision in Williston, Florida while using the vehicle's "autopilot" system. While driving on the highway, Joshua Brown, put his Model S Tesla into the vehicle's autopilot mode, when he collided with a large tractor-trailer.

Star Trek Actor Tragically Killed By Faulty Jeep Gearshift

On Sunday, June 19th, actor, Anton Yelchin, was found by friends, crushed between his 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee and his home mailbox, after not arriving for rehearsal earlier that day. Yelchin, best known for his most recent role in the Star Trek movies, is said to have died within a minute of his car rolling down his Los Angeles driveway, pinning him between the car and the mailbox of his home.