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Construction Accidents Archives

Louis Grandelli, P.C. Obtains $1 Million for Staten Island Construction Worker

The Law Office of Louis Grandelli recently obtained a $1 million settlement for a Staten Island construction worker who was injured at a construction site in Manhattan. The settlement was obtained by Louis Grandelli and Ari Lieberman during a mediation following the close of discovery.

NYC Explores New Construction Safety Laws

In an effort to reduce the number of accidents on construction work sites, the New York City Department of Buildings has increased the issuance and enforcement of construction violations. The DOB's initiative comes after an alarming number of deaths and accidents on such work sites in the last few years.

2 Construction Workers Killed In Crane Accident

Two construction workers were killed in Queens last week when a crane wire snapped, causing a 6,500 pound steel beam to come crashing down onto the crane's cab. George Smith, a 47 year old crane operator, and Alessandro Ramos, a 43 year old flag man, were killed while guiding the steel beam when the crane collapsed.

Worker Killed In Manhattan When Scaffold Falls 10 Stories

A construction worker died Thursday, April 21st, when he was struck by a piece of wood while on the job at The Printing House on Hudson Street, in Manhattan. Louis Mata was attempting to dismantle scaffolding from the West Village luxury condo when the plank came loose and fell 10 stories, striking him in the head. Although he was wearing a hard hat at the time, the Matos was taken to Lenox Hill Healthplex with severe neck and back injuries.

Falling Concrete Severely Injures New York City Construction Worker

On February 7, 2016, a construction worker was severely injured when a chunk of concrete fell on his on head. At the time of the accident, the worker was engaged in a demolition projection the 20th floor of 317 Madison Avenue.

Crane Collapse In Lower Manhattan Kills 1, Injures 2

At approximately 8:24 this morning, a construction crane collapsed at 40 Worth Street in downtown Manhattan. Early reports state that one person was killed and two people were injured during the collapse. The crane, which stood 15 to 18 stories high, was being used to swing a wrecking ball when it fell to the ground on Worth Street in between West Broadway and Church Street. The crane is reportedly owned by Bay Crane, a Long Island City based company. 

Plaintiff Who Sustains A "Grave Injury" Avoid The Worker's Compensation Bar To Recovery

The Law Office of Louis Grandelli recently litigated a case where a plaintiff was injured due to an unsafe worksite, and we were able to prove that the plaintiff had a viable third-party claim against his employer. The injured worker was performing his normal duties at his worksite, when he fell head first into a hole that had been improperly excavated in his work area by a construction company, causing him to sustain a brain injury. 

Fatal Collapse at Hotel Construction Site

Earlier today, at approximately 10:38 a.m., a building on West 38th Street collapsed, killing one and seriously injuring another. A man who was working on the next door building at the time of the accident stated that the ceiling caved in on the top two floors and that "the guy in charge was screaming for everyone to get out" as it was happening. According to the New York Post, a source close to the investigation stated that there was construction debris overloading the ceiling of the building. At the time, there 19 workers in the building. 

Supervisors Charged with Homicide in Construction Site Accident

Even when everything is going right, a construction site can be a dangerous place, but when warnings are ignored and the threat of imminent risk to the safety of workers is simply brushed aside, things can quickly become catastrophic. Unfortunately, that was the case on April 6, 2015, when Carlos Moncayo, 22, of Queens was killed by a collapsing wall despite repeated warnings to his supervisors of the potential danger.

Recent New York City Explosion Leaves 25 Injured with 2 Still Missing

The recent large explosion that occurred at 121 Second Avenue, New York, New York, has reportedly left at least 25 people injured with two people still missing, and caused the collapse of at least two buildings.