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The addition of Leigh Eskenasi as a named partner recognizes his dedication to our clients, and his contributions to the numerous multi-million dollar recoveries the firm has obtained, which are among the highest in New York State.



Our office has had many notable victories over the years. This has been the result of vigorous and zealous representation of our clients. In order to obtain the best possible result, we often work with other attorneys and law firms as co-counsel at no extra cost to our clients to obtain the best possible result. We are very proud to report that over the years our firm have achieved over $400 Million in settlements and verdicts on behalf of our clients.


$22.9 Million

A $22.9 Million Settlement in a construction accident case where a worker sustained a traumatic brain injury.

$16 Million

$16 Million damages verdict received for a Brooklyn resident who sustained a traumatic brain injury in a motorcycle accident. Following the accident, the client was recovering at a hospital, when a security guard committed a battery against him when he pushed his head into a wall and threw him onto a bed. The jury awarded damages in the amount of $14 Million against the owner and operator of the motor vehicle involved in the initial accident. The jury also awarded $2 Million in damages against the hospital and its security guard. This verdict was obtained after defeating a motion for summary judgment and a subsequent appeal by the hospital wherein it denied that the battery occurred and denied that any further injury was sustained by the client while he was in its care. The jury found that the plaintiff was partially at-fault for the occurrence of the motorcycle accident, reducing the total award to $10 Million.

$10 Million

$10 Million settlement in a truck accident resolved pursuant to a confidential agreement.

$9.165 Million

$9.165 Million for a 26 year old construction worker injured in an explosion of a New York City Department of Environmental Protection manhole cover resulting in severe fractures to his legs and requiring numerous operations. We sued numerous entities who we felt were responsible for this explosion and our office was opposed by 12 law firms. This case involved complicated liability and damages issues and in order to establish liability and maximize our clients' recovery, we retained 6 of the top experts in the fields of science, construction safety, medicine, vocational rehabilitation, and economics. In order to leave no stone unturned, we conducted over 20 depositions of the defendants. This is believed to be the highest reported recovery for personal injuries by a victim of a manhole explosion in the United States. In the end, we successfully established liability on a majority of the defendants resulting in this settlement, part of which was structured, and is expected to yield the injured worker and his wife a payout of approximately $20 million dollars. Despite the extraordinary complexity of this case, we were able to resolve the case in 3 years.

$8.5 Million

$8.5 Million settlement on behalf of a Staten Island sanitation worker who was injured while he was performing his duties, walking from one home to the next in Staten Island, New York, when the ground surrounding a metal plate on the sidewalk collapsed. As a result, the plaintiff’s right leg fell into a trench under the plate. The trench had been excavated by National Grid NY and Hallen Construction Co., Inc. We obtained a ruling from the Court that the defendants were negligent as a matter of law for their improper construction and maintenance of the trench and metal plate. The plaintiff claimed that he sustained serious injuries to his head, spine, left shoulder, left elbow, right knee, right ankle, and abdomen, which required ten surgeries to date. As a result of a traumatic brain injury he sustained, the plaintiff suffered from post-traumatic anxiety, depression, and cognitive disorders. He was also treated for pain management since the incident and we alleged that he will require future medication, medical treatment, home care, and medical supplies for the remainder of his life. In order to obtain the settlement, we left no stone unturned, thoroughly investigating the incident and working with the best experts to assist in establishing our claims.

$7.25 Million

A $7.25 Million recovery for a Staten Island plumber who was injured when he fell from a ladder after being electrocuted by an unguarded live wire. Our office was able to obtain summary judgment against the defendants under the Labor Law, determining that the defendants violated an Industrial Code section, causing the worker’s accident

$6.9 Million

$6.9 Million award for a financial executive tragically killed during the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center attack. This is one of the highest arbitration awards amongst the almost 3,000 claims filed.

$5 Million

$5 Million in a precedent-setting case on behalf of the family of a 43 year old construction worker who fell from a ladder at a job-site, resulting in serious injuries which prevented him from returning to work. After taking pain medication for approximately 2 years, the worker died from the effects of the medication prescribed for his injuries. Despite the passage of time between the accident and his death, we successfully demonstrated the causal connection, resulting in this settlement.

$3.5 Million

$3.5 Million in a premises liability case resolved pursuant to a confidential agreement.

$3.275 Million

$3.275 Million settlement on behalf of a plaintiff who suffered a severe stroke after her doctors failed to properly treat bacterial endocarditis.

$3.1 Million

$3.1 Million on behalf of a Long Island Teamster, who was driving to work, when his vehicle was struck in the rear, causing the plaintiff to become paralyzed. This case was resolved in 14 months as we quickly moved for summary judgment establishing the defendant's liability and settled the case for the entire amount of insurance coverage available. We also recovered $350,000 for the plaintiff from the hospital and rehabilitation facilities that treated him following the accident for their negligence in permitting him to develop bedsores while he was confined to bed. This recovery was the highest settlement for a rear-end motor vehicle accident in New York in 2013.

$3 Million

$3 Million obtained on behalf of a New York City police officer in a confidential settlement

$2.95 Million

$2.95 Million on behalf of the family of a Brooklyn woman who died as a result of the injuries she sustained in a fire in her apartment. This case was resolved after we demonstrated that the landlord’s unresolved Building Code violations, including for failure to provide smoke detectors and for failure to provide a functioning front door lock, prevented the decedent from quickly exiting the apartment during the fire before sustaining her critical injuries.

$2.95 Million

$2.95 Million on behalf of a husband and wife who were injured when their vehicle was struck from behind by a bakery van. The case settled at the end of the liability portion of the trial. Although the defendants argued that their vehicle lost control because of a rain storm and that the plaintiff caused or contributed to the accident, we were able to prove that the defendants were responsible for the accident.

$2.95 Million

$2.95 Million on behalf of a 36 year old electrician who fell off of a ladder while installing electrical conduits and sustained severe ankle injuries requiring numerous operations. This case was resolved after we obtained summary judgment under the Labor Law and established that the defendants were fully liable for our client's injuries.

$2.9 Million

$2.9 Million on behalf of a construction worker who received serious knee and back injuries while performing construction renovations at the Museum of Modern Art. Although the defendants argued that the plastic sheeting which caused our client to fall was an "open and obvious condition", we retained an expert in construction safety who assisted us in establishing the defendants' liability.

$2.9 Million

$2.9 Million on behalf of an operating engineer, who had a slip and fall accident at a construction site, resulting in serious spinal injuries requiring surgery.

$2.75 Million

$2.75 Million on behalf of a Staten Island resident in a confidential settlement.

$2.75 Million

$2.75 Million recovery on behalf of a construction worker who was injured when the ladder he was using to descend from a wall to access another area of a construction site fell, causing him to fall to the ground

$2.5 Million

$2.5 Million on behalf of a construction worker who fell approximately 12 feet from an elevated platform which was unsecured resulting in serious injuries to both of his feet. Although the defendants claimed that the plaintiff constructed the platform and that the incident was his fault, we were able to disprove their claims resulting in this recovery.

$2.3 Million

$2.3 Million on behalf of a mother and daughter from Staten Island who were viciously attacked by two Cane Corso dogs. The case resolved after we obtained a judgment as a matter of law that the dog’s owner was liable for the attack. We were also able to overcome a disclaimer of coverage by one of the defendant’s insurance companies to maximize the recovery by the plaintiffs.

$2.25 Million

$2.25 Million on behalf of a 41 year old construction laborer on the sixth day of trial. The plaintiff was in the street in front of the construction project, when he was struck by a vehicle causing him to fall into a hole in his work area that had been excavated several days earlier by Con Edison. The driver of the vehicle fled the scene and was never identified. As a result of the incident the worker sustained Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy to his left foot. We were able to obtain this recovery and overcome the Con Ed's arguments that the accident was unwitnessed, and they had sufficiently protected the excavation by placing barriers around it

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