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New York Spinal Injury Lawyers

$2.75 million dollar recovery by our New York spinal injury lawyers for a severe spinal cord injury - highest reported recovery for a rear-end collision in New York State for 2013 by Verdict Search

$3 Million
Catastrophic Injuries

Our New York Spinal Injury Lawyers

$2.75 million dollar recovery by Grandelli & Eskenasi for a severe spinal cord injury – highest reported recovery for a rear-end collision in New York State for 2013 by Verdict Search

Millions of people in the United States are affected every year by injuries to their spinal cord, and the effects range from mild and temporary to severe and permanent. However, even when mild, the effects of a spinal cord injury can have a large impact on a person’s life, causing them to experience pain and difficulty in accomplishing tasks that used to be simple.

Severe spinal injuries are rarely cured, and the treatment can be long, complex, and expensive. Therefore, knowing which experts to hire, what damages to seek, and determining the right strategy requires New York spinal injury lawyers with extensive experience in maximizing the recovery for victims of catastrophic injuries. Our legal team has successfully litigated cases on behalf of clients whose claims included severe spinal injuries and achieved substantial recoveries including $8.5 Million $5 Million, $3.0 million, $2.9 Million$2.9 Million$2.75 Million$1.5 Million$1.5 Million$1.4 Million$1.4 Million$1 Million$650,000$600,000$550,000$500,000 and $500,000.

Understanding how and why the injuries to the spine can be so devastating requires knowledge of the spine itself. The spine is responsible for protecting the spinal cord, which sends signals from the brain to the rest of the body. When the spinal cord is injured, your brain can lose the ability to control what is going in your body, which is what makes the injuries so potentially devastating. Injuries to the spinal cord consist of different varieties, each with different symptoms and different levels of severity. The most mild ones are contusions or bruises, which usually result in temporary loss of function below the area of the injury. The more severe injuries are tears, which can be partial or complete. When a spinal cord tear is complete, a total and permanent loss of sensation and movement below the injury will occur.

The specific location of on the spine where your injury occurs will usually determine the type of injuries and consequences you end up with. The top section of the spine, located near the neck, is known as the cervical spine and consists of 7 vertebrae. A severe injury to the spinal cord in this section may result in quadriplegia, which is a partial or total loss of use of all limbs and torso. When the injury is in the portion of the cervical closest to the brain, the results can be particularly severe, as it can result in a loss of breathing. The mid-section of the spine is known as the thoracic spine and consists of 12 vertebrae. A severe injury to this part of the spine may result in paraplegia, which causes paralysis to the lower limbs. While the arms can remain functional when there is an injury to the thoracic spine, walking, bowel and bladder control, sexual function, and body temperature can be permanently affected. The lower level of the spine is known as the lumbar spine, which is located in the lower back, and consists of 5 vertebrae. Below that is the sacrum and the coccyx, which is located in the torso and consists of 9 vertebrae which are fused. A severe injury to these sections of the spine can result in bowel and bladder issues, sexual dysfunction, and decreased control of the legs, hips, urinary system, and anus.

In cases involving spinal injuries, there often are numerous experts who need to be hired to insure all the needs of the victim and their family are covered by any settlement or verdict. A severe spinal injury with life-altering consequences may require the hiring of an expert life care planner to evaluate the future needs for the victim’s medical care, medical supplies, medications, and other costs associated with future care. In some cases, round-the-clock care may be a necessity, making it all the more important to hire the right life care expert to assess what the future costs may be. Once a life care expert has evaluated the future needs of a severely injured victim of a spinal injury. An expert economist can be hired to evaluate the inflationary impact on the costs of future medical care, as they are certain to rise over the years.

Our New York spinal injury lawyers understand the need to provide financial security for our clients and their loved ones as they deal with the impact of life-altering injuries such as severe spinal injuries. If you or a loved one are interested in legal assistance to recover compensation for a spinal cord injury, please don’t hesitate to call us for a free legal consultation. 212-668-8400

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