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Burn Injury Lawyers

Our burn injury lawyers work with experts like architects and building code professionals to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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Our Fire & Burn Injury Lawyers

The owners of property in New York are responsible for taking steps to prevent fires and manage them when they occur. Often times, the owner of a building will hire a managing agent who is assigned the responsibility to protect innocent tenants and visitors to the property from injuries caused by fire. When they fail to install smoke detectors, provide sprinklers, ensure a safe means of egress, mark fire exits, post smoke detector notices, and keep them clear, they put their tenants and guests at a much greater risk of suffering an injury or death as a result of a fire.

Further, by failing to take the steps necessary to manage this risk, they may also be violating the New York City Building Code. Indeed, in Subchapter 17, Articles 56, and of the New York City Building Code contain the requirements for what buildings are required to have smoke/carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms, and where they need to be placed. Article 4 of Subchapter 17 explains the requirements for automatic sprinklers. Subchapter 6 of the New York City Building Code provides specific requirements for means of egress and fire exits within buildings. In addition to the New York City Building Code, several other statutory and regulatory guidelines exist to require owners of property to take certain steps to ensure your safety, including the New York Labor Law, and the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code.

The variety of regulations and statutes that may be involved highlight the importance of speaking to the right burn injury lawyers when you are injured or a family member is lost to this type of negligence. Our burn injury lawyers have extensive experience with the applicable codes, and recognize the importance of working with the best experts to obtain a full recovery. Depending on what your case requires, we will hire an expert, such as a former bureau chief of the New York Fire Department or other fire agency, as well as experts in the New York Building Code, architecture, and engineering to hold the responsible party accountable.

Further, our burn injury lawyers understand that an injury from a fire can be particularly severe and involve a long and painful recovery, in cases where the victim survives. Whatever the exact nature of your injuries, we will hire the right experts, including doctors, life care specialists, vocational experts, and economists, to insure that a full recovery can be achieved which takes into account any pain and suffering, medical expenses, loss of earnings, and future care to ease your financial burden.

If you or a loved one are interested in legal assistance from injuries or death caused by a fire, please don’t hesitate to call our burn injury lawyers for a free legal consultation. 212-668-8400

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