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Crazy Taxi Driver Hits Cyclist, Car, Pedestrian & Building In One Accident

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Friday, March 11, 2016
By Louis Grandelli

Earlier this week, an New York City cabbie caused mayhem when his taxi hit a bicyclist, an SUV, a pedestrian in the crosswalk, and a building, all at the intersection of 1st Avenue and 33rd Street in Manhattan.

The impatient hack was speeding up and trying to move around the cars in front of him, when he struck a Citibike rider. After hitting the cyclist, the driver then hit a GMC Yukon, ultimately swerving toward pedestrians, striking a woman. After these three collisions, the cab then jumped the curb and hit the side of a building at the corner.

Witnesses reported that the taxi driver made no attempts during the incident to slow down or heed the warnings of other motorists. The cab driver, the cyclist and the pedestrian were taken to the emergency room with injuries.

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