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Falling Concrete Severely Injures New York City Construction Worker

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Friday, February 12, 2016
By Louis Grandelli

On February 7, 2016, a construction worker was severely injured when a chunk of concrete fell on his on head. At the time of the accident, the worker was engaged in a demolition projection the 20th floor of 317 Madison Avenue.

Construction workers are often asked to work at heights and under conditions that can be extremely dangerous if proper safety restrictions are not respected. As such, New York provides extraordinary protections for construction workers injured as a result of dangers associated with heights. Elevated height or gravity related risks can pertain not to just workers positioned at elevated heights, but also falling objects which were improperly hoisted or secured.

Specifically, New York Labor Law 240(1) provides important protection for construction workers who work in settings that are exposed to the dangers associated with heights. Generally speaking, this section imposes strict liability on general contractors and owners of buildings for failing to provide proper protections for height-associated risks, except in the cases of one and two family dwellings. This serves an important tool for holding owners and general contractors responsible when their negligence results in real and serious injuries to construction workers.

In this instance, the worker has suffered severe injuries to his head which left him in critical condition. Incredibly, this is not the first time this has happened at this particular site. Indeed, last year two workers were injured when an interior wall collapsed onto them. Incidents like this are what highlight the importance of strong laws like Labor Law 240(1) and of maintaining proper safety standards at construction sites.

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