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Louis Grandelli, P.C. Secures $16 Million Verdict for Brooklyn Resident

Friday, July 31, 2015

The Law Offices of Louis Grandelli recently obtained a damages verdict of $16,000,000 dollars for a 35 year old Brooklyn resident who was injured in a motor vehicle accident and subsequently injured when he was assaulted by a security guard at the hospital where he was receiving treatment for his injuries.

The plaintiff was involved in a motor vehicle accident when he was riding his motor cycle in Brooklyn. The defendants’ vehicle ran a stop sign, colliding with the plaintiff and throwing him off of his motorcycle. As a result of the accident, the plaintiff sustained significant brain injuries.

He was subsequently taken to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center in Queens, New York, where he was admitted and treated for his injuries over the next several months. While the plaintiff was recovering from his brain injuries, a security guard from the hospital, who had been assigned to monitor the plaintiff’s behavior and protect him from harming himself or others, threw the plaintiff into a wall, hitting his head against the wall, and then threw him onto his bed, again causing the plaintiff to hit his head.

As a result of the battery committed by the security guard, the plaintiff sustained exacerbations of his prior brain injuries, and needed the implantation of a shunt to relieve the fluid and pressure on his brain.

After the trial, the jury returned a damages verdict for the plaintiff for $14,000,000 dollars from the motor vehicle accident, and $2,000,000 dollars from the hospital. The trial and verdict came after The Law Offices of Louis Grandelli defeated a motion for summary judgment and a subsequent appeal by Jamaica Hospital Medical Center.

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