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If You’ve Had a Bicycle Accident in NYC You May Want an Attorney

NYC bicycle accident attorney
Friday, September 23, 2022

With 3.6 out of 100,000 New Yorkers hospitalized for pedal cyclist injuries, it’s evident that bicycle accidents are rising in NYC. A bike accident can leave you injured, disabled, or in shock for a certain period of time. In this case, it’s natural to think of the kind of compensation you are entitled to get after the accident.

If another motorist hits you, that person may be liable for their recklessness or negligence. Also, if you wrecked your bicycle due to defects on the road, the city will be accountable for the accident.

Either way, the best way to navigate both personal injury cases is with the help of an NYC bicycle accident attorney. Here’s what to expect from expert legal help.

Help You Understand Types of Bicycle Accident Claims

Understanding the requirements of a bicycle accident claim process can be difficult for the average person. You need to reach out to a bicycle accident attorney whose specialty revolves around different types of cycling accident claims.

The attorney can help you if your case revolves around a motor vehicle collision or injuries from the accident. Examples of bicycle accident injuries include bruises, cuts, scrapes, fractures, and broken bones. Emotional trauma and distress also form part of the damages in the claim.

Ascertain Liability

Proving liability in a bicycle accident claim is one of the most challenging things to do. This is because you have to prove that the other motorist was liable for the accident. But, when you bring a lawyer on board, they will help you make a compelling case against the liable party.

As the lawyer helps you ascertain liability, they will go through eyewitness accounts and law enforcement reports. They may also hire a skilled accident reconstructionist to reconstruct the events that led up to the accident,

Once you determine the at-fault party, filing the accident claim will be easier. You also won’t have to struggle to get and preserve the evidence you need. And for this to work, the lawyer needs to have an extensive background in personal injury cases of this kind.

Proper Investigation of the Accident

Without a proper investigation into the accident, you won’t have a compelling case against the liable party. A lawyer can help you investigate the accident scene and gather relevant evidence. They can achieve this by hiring experts such as accident reconstructionists and actuaries.

Your lawyer may schedule the investigation when none was done from the beginning. They will inform the relevant local authorities about their intention to investigate the scene. As a result, you will have access to valuable pieces of evidence to prove your case.

Demonstrate the Scope of Your Injuries

You can seek the right compensation with proof that you sustained injuries from riding a bicycle. Proof, here, means that you need to document these injuries comprehensively.

Expect your lawyer to hire a medical expert to explain the extent of your injuries in the claims process. The third-party will also highlight ways the injuries affected your life both in the present and future.

You can share copies of medical examinations after the accident with your attorney. They will review your medical records while looking at the scale of the injuries. This way, it’s easier for them to pinpoint areas the injuries were sustained.

Communicate with Insurance Companies

Dealing with the insurance company after a bicycle accident can be a nightmare. This is because insurers, through their representatives, may pressure you to settle for less. And if you fall for their tactics, you may receive relatively low compensation.

Consider hiring a personal injury lawyer whether you plan to file a claim after an accident. With your lawyer’s help, you will know what to say to the insurance companies when they ask for a statement. You get to say the right things to avoid sabotaging the case the insurer built against you.

While it may seem unfair, insurance companies have a legal right to get a statement for you. However, they are restricted from coercing you to sign agreements you don’t understand.

Defend Your Rights

Every party in the personal injury claims process has certain rights. As the victim, it’s common for someone to try to violate your civil right to a fair trial. And without a skilled attorney by your side, you may not understand your rights.

You are entitled to seek and get compensation if there’s a basis for your claim. It’s also your right to hire an attorney to offer legal advice and representation. Any instance of intimidation or coercion from the other party is a violation of your rights.

Even more, the proceedings of an accident claim are centered mainly on certain rights. Compensation will only be offered if the other party is liable for violating your rights.

Help You Get Faster Compensation

Compensation is a critical topic in every personal injury claims process. You need to get compensation for everything you suffered after an accident. This may work if the other party is considered liable for the crash.

A bicycle accident attorney will take you through the claims process for substantial compensation or settlement amount in various ways. First, they will document your injury claim and file it with a nearby court. Expect them to also make follow-ups on the status of your case.

Examples of damages you can recoup from the accident include medical costs and lost wages. Others include physical property damage and pain and suffering.

The medical costs should reflect the cost of seeking treatment for your injuries. On the other hand, lost wages denote the income lost when you couldn’t work due to an injury.

Hire an NYC Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

The key here is never to pursue a pedal cyclist accident claim without the help of an NYC bicycle accident attorney. The legal expert will know how to handle your case for fair outcomes.

Count on the Grandelli Firm for your personal injury claims in New York and Staten Island. With a team comprising different types of lawyers and paralegals, our firm can help you secure full compensation. Schedule a free case evaluation from Grandelli Firm today.


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