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Navigating the Slippery Slope: What to Do If You Slip and Fall on Ice

Young woman fallen on slippery icy pavement in park
Monday, January 22, 2024
Posted in Slip and Fall

The past week has brought the first real snowfall of winter so far this season to New York City. Winter often brings with it icy sidewalks, slick subway steps, and slippery paths, increasing the risk of accidents like slip and falls. While enjoying the first true snowfall, it’s crucial to know what steps to take if you find yourself unexpectedly meeting the cold ground.

Here are some steps you can take on what to do after a slip and fall on ice:

  1. Prioritize Your Safety: The first and most crucial step after a slip and fall is to prioritize your safety. Take a moment to assess your condition and seek medical attention if needed. Your well-being should always be the top priority.
  2. Document the Scene: Once you are safe, document the scene of the accident. Take pictures of the icy conditions, any signage, or lack thereof, that may have contributed to the fall. These visuals can be valuable later on if you decide to pursue a personal injury claim.
  3. Gather Information: Collect information from any witnesses who may have seen the incident. Their statements can provide additional perspectives and strengthen your case, if necessary. Note down the contact information of anyone willing to share their account.
  4. Seek Prompt Medical Attention: As always, your health should be your priority. Seek medical attention as soon as possible. 
  5. Report the Incident: Inform the property owner, manager, or relevant authority about the incident as soon as possible. Ensure that a report is filed, and request a copy for your records. Reporting the incident promptly can help establish a timeline of events.
  6. Preserve Evidence: Keep any clothing or shoes worn during the fall as they may serve as evidence. If possible, preserve any other relevant items that could contribute to your case, such as damaged personal belongings.
  7. Refrain from Making Statements: Avoid making statements that could be construed as an admission of fault. Be cautious when talking to others about the incident, especially representatives of the property owner or their insurance company.
  8. Consult with an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney: The Grandelli Firm has over thirty years of experience handling slips and falls on ice.  Promptly reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney who can assist you in navigating the next steps. 

While taking these steps can help you, every case is unique, and the circumstances surrounding your incident may have specific legal consequences. Consult an experienced personal injury attorney to understand your rights and explore potential avenues for compensation. 

Disclaimer: This blog post is intended to provide general guidance and should not be considered as legal advice. Every slip and fall case is fact-specific, and consulting a knowledgeable personal injury attorney is crucial to assess the specifics of your situation.


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