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diacetyl lawsuits
Friday, November 8, 2019
By uberuser

Vaping & Diacetyl Lawsuits

Over the past several months there have been a growing number of deaths stemming from lung illnesses traced back to vaping.  E-cigarette liquids contain chemicals which was lead to lung diseases such as bronchiolitis obliterans.  Symptoms of these lung diseases include shortness of breath, wheezing, weight loss and dry cough.

The use of e-cigarettes have also been linked to the onset of seizures, strokes and cardiovascular disease.

New York State has recently moved to ban flavored e-cigarettes, an action echoed by the City of New York. The law is currently being analyzed by the Courts.  The City and State have argued that not only does vaping pose an imminent health risk, but the flavors produced by e-cigarette companies market directly to teens and young adults.  The liquid used in many e-cigarettes contains a flavoring chemical compound known as diacetyl.  While currently legal in the United States, diacetyl has been banned in many countries.

However, the dangers posed by vaping are not limited to the type of liquid used.  The process by which the e-cigarette converts the liquid to a vapor involves the use of a heating element, which can expose the vaper to heavy metals, such as aluminum, chromium and lead.  Exposure to the metals can lead to lung, liver, heart and brain damage.

If you, or someone you know has developed a vaping related illness, contact the attorneys at our office to discuss your rights on possible diacetyl lawsuits.


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