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vitamin e acetate vape
Friday, November 15, 2019
By uberuser

Vitamin E Acetate

After months of research, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has named a likely culprit at the root of the national outbreak of e-cigarette related lung injuries and deaths: Vitamin E acetate.

Vitamin E acetate is an oily chemical added to some THC liquids to either thicken or dilute the substance. While the chemical is widely used in many skin creams and nutritional supplements and is safe for topical use and swallowing, scientists are discovering it is very dangerous to inhale.  In the lungs, the chemical becomes similar to honey, sticking to the lungs and damaging lung function.

The investigation, however, is not complete.  While the evidence strongly implicates Vitamin E acetate, it is not conclusive and there may be more than one cause of the vaping-illness outbreak.  The CDC suggests that people refrain from using all vaping products with THC, no matter where whether bought from licensed dispensaries, online or through the black market.

As of last week there had been over 2,000 cases of vaping related illnesses in the United States and at least 40 deaths. (See our article on vaping & diacetyl lawsuits)

If you, or someone you know has developed a vaping related illness, contact the attorneys at our office to discuss your rights of a possible lawsuit.


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